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Microsoft Terminal Server 2003 - Additional 20 Device CAL Pack

Microsoft Terminal Server 2003 - Additional 20 Device CAL Pack

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Adds an additional 20 device licenses to an existing Microsoft Server 2003 Installation. This is the retail packaged version.

This will add a license for every device accessing your servers, or you can purchase a Windows user CAL for, every named user accessing your servers (see previous category). Windows device CALs may make more sense if your company has multiple shift workers who share devices.

The Terminal Services component of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 builds on the solid foundation provided by the application server mode in Windows 2000 Terminal Services, and includes the new client and protocol capabilities in Windows XP. Terminal Services lets you deliver Windows-based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device - including those that cannot run Windows.

Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003 can enhance an enterprises software deployment capabilities for a variety of scenarios, allowing substantial flexibility in application and management infrastructure. When a user runs an application on Terminal Server, the application execution takes place on the server, and only keyboard, mouse and display information is transmitted over the network. Each user sees only his or her individual session, which is managed transparently by the server operating system, and is independent of any other client session.

Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003 provides three important benefits:
  • Rapid, centralized deployment of applications
    Terminal Server is great for rapidly deploying Windows-based applications to computing devices across an enterprise - especially applications that are frequently updated, infrequently used, or hard to manage. When an application is managed on Terminal Server, and not on each device, administrators can be certain that users are running the latest version of the application.
  • Low-bandwidth access to data
    Terminal Server considerably reduces the amount of network bandwidth required to access data remotely. Using Terminal Server to run an application over bandwidth-constrained connections, such as dial-up or shared WAN links, is very effective for remotely accessing and manipulating large amounts of data because only a screen view of the data is transmitted, rather than the data itself.
  • Windows anywhere
    Terminal Server helps users become more productive by enabling access to current applications on any device - including under-powered hardware and non-Windows desktops. And because Terminal Server lets you use Windows anywhere, you can take advantage of extra processing capabilities from newer, lighter-weight devices such as the Pocket PC.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

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Price: £1850.00 £2173.75 Inc VAT

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