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Lotus Smartsuite 9.5 (millenium)

Lotus Smartsuite 9.5 (millenium) If you're looking for a full set of office software applications Lotus SmartSuite 9.5 has everything you need to get to work: the 1-2-3 spreadsheet, Word Pro word processor, Freelance Graphics presentation package, Approach database and the Organizer PIM plus lots of extras and utilities like ScreenCam, FastSite and a starter version of Net-It Now to convert your documents into HTML. A slimline interface called SmartCenter brings it all together at the top of your screen in a set of virtual "drawers" that pull out to give you inst… More Info >>>

Lotus Smartsuite 9.8.2 Millenium Edition (with update)

Lotus Smartsuite 9.8.2 Millenium Edition (with update) *image for illustration purposes only. This is the last remaining UK stock of IBMs latest release of smartsuite. It will update to the 9.8.2 version with a free update from IBM here This version has no official Vista support however IBM have released a statement indicating no operational problems with 32bit Windows Vista here Suite includes : Lotus 1-2-3                             … More Info >>>