Academic License

Microsoft has developed a range of licensing options specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the education community, including students, teachers, academic institutions and other eligible not for profit organisations. A retail academic version normally includes the same funtionality as the non academic counter part unless otherwise stated in the product description e.g Office 2007 for students lacks outlook but can be installed on upto 3 machines. Academic producs do not expire but should not be used for commercial use after the academic use has completed.

How do I install - Is there loads of paper work to send off?

All academic versions come boxed and with the media just like there non academic counterparts. During installation you will be prompted to accept an academic end user license agreement so no paper work needs to be sent off but it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure they qualify for academic status. SoftwareFirst reserve the right to decline the order if in doubt.

Who can buy academic version Microsoft products?

The following are eligible to acquire Microsoft academic product licences and are defined as qualified educational users. Broadly speaking academic licenses also cover charities and not for profit organisations.



Educational Institution


An academic or vocational institution accredited by the applicable governmental regulatory agency in the country in which the educational institution has its principal offices


A not-for-profit full-time teaching institution/organisation which is non-academic and/or non-government recognised


Administrative Offices of an Educational Institution


The local, regional or national administrative offices of one or more educational establishments described in A (i) above


Faculty and Staff


Full and part time faculty and staff of an educational institution as defined in Section A (i) above




Full- and part-time matriculated students of an educational establishment as defined in section A (i) and full-time matriculated students of an education establishment as defined in section A (ii)


Public Libraries


A public library that provides basic general library services without charge to all residents of a given community, district or region.


Public Museums


A public museum, organised permanently for educational or aesthetic purposes, with a professional staff and regularly exhibiting tangible objects to the public.


Charitable Organisation


A not-for-profit charitable organisation whose aim is (a) the relief of poverty, (b) the advancement of education, (c) the advancement of social and community welfare, (d) the advancement of culture, or (e) the protection of the natural environment.

Special note regarding Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Research Laboratories:

Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Research Laboratories are NOT eligible for academic product licences unless they are wholly owned and operated by a qualified Educational Establishment, as defined above in Sections A(i) and B. 'Wholly owned and operated' means that the Educational Establishment is the sole owner of said hospital, healthcare system or research laboratory and the only entity exercising control over the said institution's day-to-day operations. Note that hospitals, healthcare systems, and research laboratories are NOT eligible to purchase a School Agreement or to be included as part of an Educational Establishment’s School Agreement, even if they are wholly owned and operated by the Educational Establishment.


Adobe Student License

Is the Educational version cut down in any way?

No the student version is identical to the full price version the only limitation is that you must be a student and use the product in a non commerical environment.

Who qualifies to purchase an Adobe Student Version ?

Students in education only. You can still use the product after you leave university/school but on a non commercial basis.

Qualified Individuals: Qualified end-users include full or part time students enrolled at accredited Higher Education Establishments, and students enrolled at an accredited primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction.

See Adobe for the full info note there is a version for teachers this is not the same as the student version.