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Ability Staff Files

Ability Staff Files

Price: £59.04 £69.37 Inc VAT

Bringing maximum ease and efficiency to managing employee information, Ability Staff Files delivers a flexible Human Resource Information System to simplify the way you manage your personnel records.

With a quick-tab navigation system, you can track all types of staff information and documentation all in one location instead of sifting through folders and filing cabinets.

And what's more, all your employee confidential data is held entirely securely, only viewable by those to whom you choose to grant access.

Easily access all employee information in one place.

Ability Staff Files provides a quick and easy way for managers and HR professionals to store, retrieve and safeguard all personnel and employment information including names, addresses, home and work phone numbers and employment start dates.

Features: Improve data management

Enhance record accuracy

Safeguard information

Store document images and photos

Track performance

Create & manage employee correspondence

Track holiday entitlement

Perform evaluations

Built-in reminder system

System Requirements

Compatible With
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000

Product Code: AB020


Price: £59.04 £69.37 Inc VAT

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